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Additive Manufacturing

Posted by Gregory Steckis on

SAS has been working with industry leaders in the Additive Manufacturing world to develop methods and materials for the Gasket & Seal Industry.

Our proven techniques have brought this technology to be great for prototypes and also for production orders too.

We also offer traditional manufacturing of gaskets and seals. We've been finding in increasing cases; customers will opt for our additive manufacturing method. We can engineer the machine capability to tailor to your specific part and open up pricing advantages in low-mid-high, and larger quantities. In many cases for a lower overall cost than other methods, while leaving room to change and customize for no added cost.

This technology has allowed SAS to manufacture to dimensions not capable by traditional means before.

Protoypes, Fixtures, Inspection Jigs, Finished Parts, Change dimensions without having to re-tool, etc.

Contact us today to go over your needs.

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